Your First Time

Do you remember your first time?

The way that everything looked? Smelled? Sounded?

…of course, I’m referring to the first time that you incorporated a legal business for your startup.

For the entrepreneurial addict, incorporating your first startup is a visceral experience- one filled with a surge of endorphins and adrenaline, much like your first time doing… other things (such as riding a bike). For the truly passionate, it’s a flashbulb memory experience- one which is forever burned into the long term memory. Ask anyone you know who’s a serial entrepreneur where they were when they wrote the Articles of Incorporation for their first company, or if they didn’t write them, when they got them back from ‘The Man’. I bet they’ll be able to tell you.

I just had mine… in the form of 7902255 CANADA INC. (O/A KleverAnalytics), and I’m surrounded by the beige walls of my home office and the aroma of slightly damp canine (it was raining when I took them out for their evening stroll). Not quite as romanticized as one might expect, but I still bear the same ear-to-ear grin as everyone else.

I may even take the weekend off.

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