Project 200: The Guerilla Jobsearch [Part V]

This is part five of a five part series. Just get here? Start from the beginning. Retrospective About a week into the campaign, I was surfing Linkedin and realized that a number of prospects had checked out my profile. On cross-referencing with my analytics data, I realized that a number of the Linkedin lurkers hadn’t visited […]

eCommerce for Growing Service Businesses

Most business owners think of e-commerce in the most common use case—augmenting or replacing brick and mortar with online retailing. Canadian companies like Shopify and Tulip Retail are betting big and jockeying to be the trusted provider that guides brick and mortar establishments into the modern omni-channel marketplace. In 2012, Parliament’s Standing Committee on Science, […]

Webinars 101

What’s a Webinar? Like many other Internet phenomena, the names of two things (‘web’ and ‘seminar’) were smushed together to make up a brand new noun (‘webinar’). After all, why not? Webinars are increasingly being leveraged by B2B organizations to generate awareness and preference. Typically delivered via a purpose-designed platform, the format is less costly […]

Guaranteed Viewability: ‘Above the Fold’ Returns

Let’s be clear. I personally believe that the concept of ‘above the fold’ is not a valid design constraint for first-party content. ‘Above the fold’ may have held validity for digital mediums when the modern Internet first went mainstream… but that was twenty-five years ago. What is ‘Above the Fold’? The concept of “above the fold” originated with mass […]