Fickle Fad or Smart Investment: Group Buying Promotions

Groupon is ALL over the tech newswire, and has also been getting surprisingly robust coverage from finance journalists in the US and Canada. Why? It went public yesterday. In the biggest tech IPO since Google’s 2004 entrance on the Nasdaq (Google’s valuation on that IPO was something like $23B, Groupon’s by comparison was $12.7B). There’s […]

What’s Next in Big Tech? [Part I]

Science fiction is, believe it or not, a pretty damn reliable barometer for the future sometimes. One could even argue that some technological innovations take shape because the inventor/key player saw or read about it in something science fiction-y. For anyone who watched the original Star Trek (c. 1960s), two technological marvels of the show […]

Perceptual Healing

A friend and colleague, Al Mastromartino, has a favourite saying for his students (I also studied under him while at Fleming College): Perception is more important than reality. It’s always stuck with me, because that statement embodies something I’ve intuitively known for quite some time. Optics are critical in everything, whether professional or personal. Those […]

Scan Me, Baby.

What’s this article about? 2D Barcode Integration & Execution Tips for Print Advertising Normally, this expertise and my experience in the space is reserved for paying clients. But today, I’m publishing a no-frills, five-minute guide to integration and execution of 2D barcodes (also called QR Codes*) into static print advertising. Why? Because this technology keeps […]

3D What-Now?

Seems to be the week that I notice poor brand messaging in advertisements. Crest has a line of products on the market called 3D White – which contains everything from toothpaste to mouthwash to disposable whitening strips. I’m sure that they all work just fine…. but the brand messaging is simply godawful. First- the name. […]

MicroSkype – $8 Billion Later

Last week when all the rumours about a bidding war for Skype between giants Facebook and Google were flying around the web, I, like many people, was envisioning a Skype module built into Facebook in order to enhance their existing (and rather rudimentary) chat application. The marketer in me was also salivating over the prospect […]